Chartering and Brokerage Services

AVŞAR GLOBAL LOJİSTİK AŞ has a wide network constituting of more than 2000 Charterers and Brokers actively dealing with their business activities all around the world

Within this wide network of charterers and brokers, it can find most suitable Vessels that can answer the needs of all Cargoes and Logistics; and it provides Charterer Services

With its alternatives like renting Vessels of all characteristics and different sizes (ranging from coaster size up to capesize) and Vessels that answer the needs in a voyage-based (Voyage Charterer) way or periodically (Time Charterer), it also presents costs that can compete with the conditions of the market

Just like the fact that AVŞAR GLOBAL LOJİSTİK AŞ can find vessels with suitable positions and costs, it can also find cargoes suitable for your Vessel thanks to its being a Customs Consultancy Office for a long time.

It has the ability to consolidate various cargoes of different Consignees on a single Vessel and this situation decreases the costs as much as possible.

At the same time, while carrying out Charterer activities, it executes Chartering Contracts on behalf of the Company, for whom they serve.