Land Transportation

Our Company, who is aware of the fact that land transportation plays a significant role in International Transportation, carries out import and export activities in all European Countries regularly.

  • Our Company professionally carries out transportation activities of partial and full truck load by means of its Agencies especially in Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Netherlands, France, England, Belgium, Greece, Austria and other European and Balkan countries.
  • At other locations, we provide all kinds of import and export land transportation activities to our valuable clients by means of trucks of our contracted Agencies.
  • It deals with its business activities by following the principle of reliable service and timely delivery in land transportation thanks to its wide network of agencies in Europe and quality standards. 
  • It carries out partial and full truck transportation services between whole European and Asian Countries and Turkey

Our service network;

  • Regular Partial or Full Transportation from Turkey to European Countries and from European Countries to Turkey
  • Integrated Cargo Shipment between European countries
  • Cargo Shipment from European Countries to Balkan Countries, Asia, Far East and Russia
  • Regular Partial or Full Cargo Shipment from these countries to Europe